Tobago quick facts

Tobago is just north of Venezuela, South America, and is a separate island to Trinidad, and very different.


Tiny Tobago
Tobago is only 26 miles by 7 miles wide.

Dress Code
Casual. If you’re staying in one of the top hotels then you may want to pack a few posh frocks or shirt and tie but generally shorts and T shirts are the norm.

UK and EU visitors will need an adaptor. Electricity: 110/220 volts AC, 60Hz. Plugs are the 2 flat pin type, as in the USA.

Warm and sunny with fresh trade winds.
Mean annual temperature is 29°c (range 22-35°c) with average rainfall of 200cm (40ins)
The sea can be as warm as your bath.
No need for a cardigan in the evenings – it’s always warm.
Peak Season – January – May. This is the ‘dry season’. It’s cooler (just 80F!) and rains little. This is the most expensive time to visit.
Low Season – June- December. The so called ‘wet season’.  It’s more humid, the sea is warmer, and warm, tropical rain usually comes in short, sharp bursts and freshens the greenery.

Tobago used to be attached to South America and is home to wildlife usually only found on the geographical mainland.
The central part of the island is covered with the oldest rain forest in the western hemisphere.
Tobago has colourful birds, rare turtles and exotic fish, but there are no are no poisonous snakes, no man eating sharks, no box jelly fish or killer spiders in Tobago.
There are mosquitoes, so you should make sure you take along some relevant protection.

Tobago is so close to the mainland of South America, it manages to avoid most of the Caribbean’s bad storms and is officially considered to be outside of the ‘Hurricane Belt’.

GMT -4 / EST +1

UK to Tobago direct – 8 – 10 hour flight.
Washington USA to Trinidad 4 hours 30 minutes and then a 25 minute connection to Tobago.

English is the official language.

The local currency is the Trinidad & Tobago dollar. The import of local currency is unlimited, as long as you declare it, and the export of local currency is limited to TT$200.

Airport Departure Tax
For any traveller leaving these Islands, there is a mandatory TT$100 per person (about GBP £10), airport departure tax to be paid; so keep that amount put aside. Children aged 5 years or less are exempt. Some airlines include the departure tax into the airfare.

Statistics for Tobago are given as a whole with the separate island of Trinidad’s. Crime in Trinidad is high. In Tobago, it is not. Tourists to Tobago find it’s a safe Caribbean island to visit.
Compare crime stats:
Tobago 7 murders in 2014
Jamaica about 1,500 per year
St Lucia 54 murders in 2013
Barbados 25 murders in 2013

Tobago has WiFi and you can hire a mobile phone on the island if you wish to.

Ferry Service
There’s a regular ferry service between Port of Spain in Trinidad and Scarborough in Tobago, including two fast ferries, T&T Express and T&T Spirit which take about 2½ hours. Ferry timetables and prices – or

Health care
Although there is no reciprocal health agreement with the UK, public sector health care is free. However, health insurance is recommended as Tobago’s health care provision is limited.

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