Birdwatching in Tobago

Tobago blue grey tanager bird

Blue grey tanager, Tobago

The first time you see a bright blue coloured bird in Tobago – a blue grey tanager – you cannot fail to smile.

You might be joined at breakfast on your verandah – as we often are when we are there – by a stunning Mot Mot with its brightly coloured blue hat and green and blue pendulum tail.

Parrots will screech at you from the treetops as you drive through the rainforest.

Tobago is a bird lovers’ paradise and the island simply sings with life and colour from the 240+ species you will see and hear on this tiny part of the planet.

It’s like the whole island is one ornithologist’s Disneyland. But nature made it.

Bananaquit birds

Bananaquits, Tobago

Little Bananaquits are cheeky little balls of yellow who love sweet foods, and when not sitting in a banana tree they might try and pinch some sugar from your table.

Tobago was once (only a few thousand years ago) still attached to the mainland of South America, and so has an incredible biodiversity for a 7-mile wide piece of land.

Ornithologists will marvel at the sight and in the knowledge that birds usually only found on the mainland, are here on a tropical island.

If you’re a serious birdwatcher, then Tobago has numerous experienced and qualified guides for you to choose from to take you on tours and give you an unforgettable nature trip on this little island.

Even if you’re a beginner, or just want to more about the fabulously colourful wildlife flying around you, you can find tailor made trips to suit your needs.

Hummingbird in Tobago

Hummingbird in Tobago

You don’t have to go into the rainforest to witness Tobago’s colourful wildlife.

Wherever you stay on this island, whether you are sitting on your balcony enjoying breakfast or whether you’ve made a stop-off somewhere for a beer or coconut water, you’ll see and hear one of Tobago’s magnificent feathered inhabitants as you go about your daily routine.

If you’d like to know more about the birds you are looking at and explore further, there are qualified guides offering organised excursions in Tobago that your accommodation manager can help with and there are also a  number of bird sanctuaries which they can also help arrange for you to visit:

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