Will it rain in Tobago?

Lots of people ask us if it will rain on their Tobago holiday. Honestly? No one can tell you. We’ve been to the island at all times of the year and the Tobago rain has made an appearance on every trip in any month, in between blue skies and scorching sun. In fact, if it didn’t rain when we go to Tobago, we’d be disappointed.

The rain usually comes in short, sharp bursts, is refreshing in the heat, makes everywhere smell gorgeous and green, and then the blazing sun comes out and dries your towel concrete hard in 5 minutes, before you’ve even had time to get back from the beach bar. So when is best to go?

Tobago has 2 seasons – the dry and that so-called ‘rainy’ season.

Pigeon Point, Tobago

Pigeon Point, Tobago

Don’t assume you cannot go to the Caribbean in the rainy season. You can, and you may not see any rain at all. It’s still baking hot, and you’ll still get a tan. The island is greener and smells wonderful at this time of year and swimming in the sea during a hot rain shower is magical. It often rains just at night.

Sometimes you can see no rain for weeks in the rainy season and have rain in the dry season.

It is more expensive and busier in the dry season. In our experience the seasons are becoming blurred and you can get any kind of weather any time of year. No matter what – it’s always hot and we always come home nut brown.

Tobago dry season – January to June

Tobago wet season – July to December

Hurricane season in the Caribbean is June to November – but Tobago is historically too far south to be affected by hurricanes though it was grazed by one in 2004 and before that, it was affected by Hurricane Flora in 1963.

Top tip from our experience – go any time of year. Even if it rains, there’s still loads to do, you can still swim in the beautifully warm sea, there’s still rum :-)  and it will be nothing at all like a rainy afternoon at home. We love it.

Have you ever swam in the sea in the rain? The rain makes the sea goes dead calm and it’s a weird and wonderful experience to swim in the warm Tobago sea with the warm rain falling around you. Try it….put it on your bucket list and do it.


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