Tobago Top Tips – What to Pack

We do gets emails from people asking if they’ll need a sweater or cardi for the evenings if it gets cool.  The only place you will ever feel cool in Tobago is in an air conditioned room or shop. The evenings are still swelteringly warm. The breezes are warm, even the rain is warm.  Pack cotton, loose fitting clothes to be really comfortable.

Do take mosquito repellent & bite cream – particularly in the wet season of June – December – they bite from dusk, and during and after a rainburst.  There have been some cases of Dengue Fever in Tobago which the authorities are tackling. You should always check with your doctor before travelling.

More health info for visitors can be found here:
National Travel Health Network and Centre

Some people don’t seem to be bothered by mosquitoes in Tobago at all. They’re not as much of a pest as they are in Trinidad, but if you are one of those people they go for, be prepared.

The best protection against mozzies contains Deet – check with your chemist before you go.

Mosquitos don’t like Citronella and you can buy Citronella oil quite cheaply in Tobago and put it on your skin or use a Citronella candle to deter the insects in the evening.

Call us crazy but we swear by Marmite, and always take some to eat. It’s full of the Vitamin B that the female biting mosquito hates and if you eat Marmite your skin gives off a smell undetectable to you – but the mozzie will buzz off. It works for us……

Anti mozzie coils are readily available in Tobago for you to light and let burn during the night.

High factor sun cream – You are near to the equator in Tobago and need to ensure you protect your skin from the strong rays…even in the rainy season or when it’s a dull day.

Adapter for your electrical plug-in appliances. Electricity: 110/220 volts AC, 60Hz.

A camera! Tobago is a photo opportunity at every corner…

Your driving licence and passport

Ladies – tampons and sanitary wear are expensive in Tobago.

Few brand toiletries are available and generally are expensive.

A small radio will allow you to access the excellent local radio stations for music, news and weather.

Lightweight, long trousers and long sleeved top, with sturdy shoes if you plan to go into the rainforest.

Ladies – a bikini top. It’s illegal to sunbathe topless in Tobago.

Binoculars if you want to make the most of the wildlife.

Sunglasses and a hat or sun visor. The sun can be fierce in Tobago – you are near to the equator.

A white sheet or towel to put over your steering wheel or car seat while your car is parked. Unless you have asbestos fingers of course.

DO NOT bring back coral, plants, cuttings or turtle products. It’s illegal.


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